Celebrating CapU’s 50th around the world

Venturing around the world to promote Capilano University to international students is just a typical day for Cristian Cano, Capilano University’s international recruitment manager, but this recruitment season was especially sweet.

The Wong and Trainor Centre for International Experience (CIE) team at CapU celebrated the University’s 50th anniversary with international agents and partners, high school counsellors, future students and Canadian diplomatic missions in Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Germany, Malaysia, Mexico, India, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.

“Our theme was to bring CapU-branded desserts or cakes as gifts and celebrate our special milestone worldwide,” says Cano. “At times, it was exhausting having to find bakeries in different cities, but the positive reactions I received from each and every one of our international stakeholders made it well worth it.”

The CIE team celebrated the 50th anniversary in 20 cities, sharing 750 cookies, 170 mini cakes and 5 birthday cakes.

The agents loved it, says Akiko Takiguchi, CapU’s international student admissions and recruitment assistant who visited Japan. “Our little celebration away from home not only made me proud to call myself a CapU employee, but it also made the partnership with our new agents event stronger.”

For the recruiters, who were often away during the key 50th anniversary events, it was a fun way to take part in the anniversary and extend it around the world.

Written by: Shannon Colin