Capilano University welcomed more than 50 alumni, former employees and community members at the Alumni Homecoming at the kálax-ay Sunshine Coast campus on March 23, 2019. Guests reconnected with old friends, shared memories from CapU’s early days and were treated to a champagne reception with live jazz music and refreshments.

The highlight of event was a special champagne toast co-led by Toran Savjord, CapU’s vice-president of strategic planning, assessment & institutional effectiveness and Linda Epp, a member of the Capilano University Alumni Association Board of Directors. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room as Epp spoke movingly about the impact CapU had on her life in terms of connecting to her Indigenous roots.

“There was so much love in the room,” says CapU alumni relations officer, Brittany Barnes. “There was a real feeling of coming together in celebration of the University’s 50th anniversary.”

Legacy of Alumni at CapU

For 50 years, CapU has produced graduates who are making significant contributions to the communities where they live and work. From the 784 students that began in 1968 to our most recent class of graduates, we are proud of your success.

As a CapU graduate, we encourage you to join other alumni as part of the Capilano Unversity Alumni Association (CUAA). The Association works in partnership with CapU to ensure alumni perspectives contribute to the University’s mission. Together, we create experiences, programs and fun.
If you have a suggestion of a graduate to profile, let us know. To learn more about CUAA, please visit Alumni Association or contact us at or 604 984 4983.
What a night! Capilano University (CapU) and the Capilano University Alumni Association (CUAA) were pleased to present a special anniversary edition of the Alumni Awards of Excellence!

At the heart of this event, we celebrate the achievements of five alumni:

Jullian KolsteeLuminous category

Amina El MantariUnified category

Danette (Petie) ChalifouxEnduring category

Kaya DoreyConfident category

Randy CelebriniCreative category

Get Connected!

We’d love to keep you in the loop, so if you haven’t heard from us in a while, please update your contact information. We will provide you with news and information on alumni-focused activities and events taking place over the anniversary year.
Mark your calendars for our 2018-19 anniversary celebrations and check out stories of your fellow alumni.

We’d like to hear from you, please email us at or call us at 604 984 4983.

Feature Alumni Story

Cap Connections

Lisa Hubbard contracted meningitis while travelling around Europe when she was 20. When she returned to North Vancouver, she attended physiotherapy in the mornings and then took the HandyDART to volunteer at a childcare centre.

The class of ’71: Janet MacDonald

Janet MacDonald worked full-time at a five-and-dime in 1969 while she studied Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) at Capilano (then-College), which had just been established the year before.

Adventures of an outdoor reckie

If it weren’t for a Bunsen burner accident, the Outdoor Recreation Management (OREC) program at Capilano University might never have come about.

Banding together

Bud Kurz’s looks, musicality and domestic prowess swiftly stole Heidi Durstberger’s heart when she first met him in the music program at Capilano then-College in 1981.

First Distinguished Alumna: Alpha Woodward

When Capilano University created the Distinguished Alumni Award in 2007, the goal was to connect with alumni.

Stay in Touch

A call to all CapU contacts to update your information. We want to keep you posted on activities, events and stories.

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