Making History

We’ve dusted off our photo albums, rifled through old boxes and contacted Cap alumni to create a collection of stories, photographs and videos that showcase our history and foreshadow our future.
Throughout our anniversary, we will share more artifacts, anecdotes and fun facts, so stay tuned.

Please take a few moments to share your favourite memory or photograph with us.

Feature Stories

Five Alarm Fun at CapFest

How do you do that for so long and not fall over? is the question members of Five Alarm Funk typically face following one of their signature high-energy shows.

CapU Library: Preserving Our Natural Environment

Have you ever wondered why a tree is suspended from the ceiling in the rotunda of the Capilano University Library?

Origins of the Capilano Review

When writer and artist Pierre Coupey was hired by Capilano College, English department head Bill Schermbrucker issued the challenge: “Make a contribution, man! Do something—you’re not just here to teach.”

Adventures of an Outdoor Reckie

If it weren’t for a Bunsen burner accident, the Outdoor Recreation Management (OREC) program at Capilano University might never have come about.

A short history of Cap on ice

Who knew Capilano had a hockey team in the 1970s? The Capilano College club team skimmed the ice beginning in 1973, practicing on a rink in Lynn Valley.

Curios & Artifacts

Definition: anything considered rare and curious

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