Turning 50: Bruno Tomberli

In honour of Capilano’s 50th Anniversary, we are celebrating CapU faculty and staff members who are also turning 50 this year. In this series, they share their inspirations, hopes and stories about what it means to reach this significant milestone with their birthday buddy, Capilano University.
“As a scientist, I see applications of what I know all around me when I’m outdoors. Nature is the best teacher. I used to value raw intelligence above hard work and imagination. Now I understand vision and hard work gets a lot more done than intelligence.”
Bruno Tomberli

School of STEM

As an old guy, I think it’s OK for me to observe that youth is more exciting than aging for people. Universities age much more nicely than people. Look at Oxford.
However, I treasure the experience I have earned and I am excited and lucky to be in an environment where I get to share my experience with (generally) younger people.