A tribute to Bill Manson

As we reflect on the past 50 years as a college and then university, we want to honour some of the founding builders of Capilano University. The late Bill Manson was one of them.

Capilano College symbol is unveiled

Coming up with a symbol to represent Capilano College was no easy feat. It took three years, several contests and lengthy consultation before the final symbol was unveiled in 1971.

The early days of Women’s Studies

When Margaret Kirk, a member of the Capilano College Council, was invited by the Women’s Studies group at the College to a seminar on the problems of women in education in 1976, she wasn’t sure what to expect.

Cap Connections

Lisa Hubbard contracted meningitis while travelling around Europe when she was 20. When she returned to North Vancouver, she attended physiotherapy in the mornings and then took the HandyDART to volunteer at a childcare centre.