Students run with the news

“Should students hire teachers?” reads a front-page headline in Capilano then-College’s first student newspaper, The Id. Page 2 features a story about a fictional “south-sea paradise” where sex is commonplace and eating is taboo.

Books and bras

Tia Strachan was 31 and married with three kids when she enrolled in a special two-semester General Studies Program at Capilano then-College in 1971.

Holy smokes!

It’s unheard of today, but up until the mid-1980s, it was common to see students and faculty members puffing away on cigarettes in Capilano College classrooms and offices.

Capilano College symbol is unveiled

Coming up with a symbol to represent Capilano College was no easy feat. It took three years, several contests and lengthy consultation before the final symbol was unveiled in 1971.